Traditional golf instruction doesn’t work and it’s killing your game.
Thinking a new club is your answer is even worse.

You are being sold incomplete, outdated and often wrong ideas.
I know because 15 years ago I was part of this caring, but mis-informed
community that taught and sold like everyone else.

It doesn’t work and you’re the victim.


“I became frustrated and MAD! Good people like you deserved better.
I vowed to find the best information and methods for you.” says Gary.

After consulting with leading experts in neurology and elite performance coaches,
we discovered where the golf industry was awry.

We re-defined golf instruction into a new, progressive, modern
style that yields tremendous results for you, the golfer!

Students using our specialized, proprietary Mind-Technique Synergy (MTS) system
dropped over a whopping 30% from their handicap each of the last three years.

These results make our coaching program the #1 program for amateurs.

You may apply for Gary’s Mind-Technique Synergy (MTS) coaching via any of these options….
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“On two holes today, I hit the longest drive I ever have using the swing we’ve been working on.
Even though I’m 30 years older, I am surpassing my driving ability as a 27 year old youngster.
In addition, my score was my best of the year! By getting me to not think over the ball you’ve already made an impact on my score. I am excited and psyched!”
-Kurt Thomas, Colden, NY