The Best Coordinators Aren’t the Best Coaches.
The Best Coaches Aren’t the Best Players.
The Best Players Aren’t Able to Coach You.
Many Coaches Are Coaching You Wrongly.


It doesn’t matter whether we are talking football, golf, dancing or any performance sport or movement,

the coaching and playing are different.





Because you have a left brain and a right brain.


Your left brain function is the analytical, logical, words, concepts, patterns,and details.


Your right brain function is more motion, pictures, creativity, imagination, intuition, spacial awareness and non-verbal.


The left brain is thinking dominant and the right brain is feel dominant.


Have you ever listened to a high-level athlete attempt to explain how he/she performed a complex movement? It’s a struggle to put it into words. That’s because it’s an intuitive feel.


Have you ever watched a coach or been coached by someone who overwhelms you with details, words and complexities? That’s the sign of a coach who is trying to explain via the left brain where that coach should be developing your feel into your right brain.


Have you ever noticed the best offensive and defensive coordinators in the NFL tend to struggle when promoted to head coach? It’s because the coordinator position is more about tactics and analytical approaches whereas being a head coach is more about identifying and connecting with people. The coordinator position is more left-brain and the head coach needs a more whole approach which favors the right-brain.


Successful athletes at the highest levels are performing with 80%-90% right brain. Be aware of coaching that is heavily left-brain dominant. Too many words, over-programming of movement patterns and analysis is bad for you. There is no such thing as muscle memory!


If you’re being coached the wrong way, stop that coaching. Get into a style that translates the concepts into feel-based, sensory coaching. It can be done very easily and will liberate you from the painful, laborious style of repetition based learning.


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