Want that Winning Feeling of being In the Golfing Zone?

This book is YOUR Answer for Lower Scores & Peak Performance that Sticks Around!

The golf industry has it all wrong and backwards.  Good people like you dedicate themselves toward improving their game and the golf industry feeds you the wrong information, and a bunch of confusing mumbo-jumbo that causes over-thinking and stress.

Club companies want you to buy their clubs. You’re inundated with their million dollar marketing that promises you distance and power only to find those promises are empty. You’re out of money and feeling hopeless.

You try again with swing technique. Well, the internet and swing coaching industry is loaded with conflicting information that only confuses you, leaving you stressed and hopeless. Please don’t get me wrong…everyone has good intentions and has a big heart, but it doesn’t yield results for you.

Why?  Because the order you’re receiving the information is all wrong.

Clubs don’t come first. Swing thoughts don’t come first. No sir, no ma’am. They’re giving you the dessert before the entree. While dessert first sounds great, it messes up the whole meal!

Well then what needs to come first?
Answer: Simplicity.

When you learn how to keep your swing simple, your practice simple, your thinking simple, then you have the secrets to playing great golf that lasts. You can have the winning feeling we call “peak performance.” Not only does this book show you how to achieve peak performance, it shows you how to keep that winning feeling sticking around.

Before you enter “Your Simple Zone for Golf,” and start your journey to peak performance, there are a few things to clarify:

  • If you’re only going to be a golf swing-junkie and look for your next bunch of swing thoughts, this book isn’t for you. There are very few swing tips in this book.
  • This book is a 26 pages and approximately 8,000 words. It is simple, direct, hard-hitting and loaded with content. Most people say “fluff” does not exist in this book. This means, you’re not paying by the word or because it’s 26 pages you get some sort of discount. Purchasing this book is an investment in value. Is it worth 9.99 USD for you to change your game? A sleeve of Pro v1’s plus tax costs that much.
  • This book is filled with specific, easy-to-flow concepts that are simple. Your Simple Zone for Golfers is a performance coaching book. This is not sports psychology and this is not a swing-technique book. It shows you how to use your mind and technique together so you can be an empowered golfer that shoots lower scores. The focus is showing you how to practice, how to perform on the course and how to learn quickly. Your Simple Zone for Golfers is designed to speed up your improvement and eliminate all the senseless distractions the golf industry provides.

You’ve been a victim to this point. Now is your time to end all that frustration and losing feeling. You have the chance to start fresh. Renewed hope is here if you’re willing to follow and implement the teachings within Your Simple Zone for Golf.

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