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Golf Lessons with Dave Patronik, Professional Golf Instructor

Lead Instructor with Gary Occhino Golf & 5SK Director of Instruction

Single Private Sessions

                45 minute Introductory Session                                                        75

                30 minute Session (after intro session)                                            60

                60 minute Session                                                                          100


Tandem Sessions (2 Students attend together)

                30 minute Session                                                                          40 each

                60 minute session                                                                           70 each

On-Course Playing Experience

                  60 minute session                                                                        100


Half-Day Play Like the ProsExperience

                  One Student                                                                                300

                  Two Students                                                                              240 each

                  Three Students                                                                           190 each


***New Student Package Special***

                  One 45 minute Introductory Session

                                      PLUS                                                                      250

                          Four 30 minute sessions


One Hour Golf Clinic

                  Small group atmosphere with an emphasis on

                  a specific aspect of golf per session                                          30 each

                  Up to 4 participants per clinic.



Contact Dave (814) 823-5930 or