Discover How You will stop your inconsistency,
gain Your feeling of Power and end that losing feeling against Your friends & competition!

This video is a must-watch to be in the Last Golf Lesson Ever program. If you’re unable to make it through this 13 minute video, you’re not a good candidate for this Last Golf Lesson Ever program.

With Your Last Golf Lesson Ever
Online Coaching Program, you receive:

All coaching utilizes Gary’s Mind-Technique Synergy (MTS) system along with your customized Mind-Technique Synergy (MTS) resources and learning tools.

Everything is customized and individualized to YOU !!

  • 6 month personalized program customized to your game
  • MTS Swing technique and short game technique videos each month
  • MTS Mindset and Performance training videos each month
  • MTS suite of coaching resources and learning resources
  • MTS Coaching and shot-making shown on the golf course
  • Choose from Birdie level program or Eagle

Watch the Video Above for Full Details and Full Explanations!

To Get Your Last Golf Lesson Ever Online Coaching Program, follow these steps:

Step 1: Watch the Video Above

Step 2: Choose from the Birdie or Eagle level programs (space permitting)

Step 3: Hit the Add to Cart button and checkout

Step 4: Take Your Personalized “LGLE Online 12 Question Game Assessment”

Step 5: Get month one of your customized videos and learning resources which are all                        individualized for you based on your LGLE Game Assessment.

Birdie Program


Eagle Program



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“I’m on day 11 and, the improvements are revolutionary for me. I have so much more confidence. Your principles are a game changer! Thanks man!”

-Omelihu Nwanguma, Last Golf Lesson Ever Student


“Thank you!!! I had NO consistency and couldn’t figure how I got off track. Now I have consistency!!! I’m a zero handicap in just 2 months!!!!”

-Dr. Steven Johnson, Atlanta, GA


For 10 years I’ve struggled with my short game and with your program I am actually good now. I shot 50 % lower scores! Thank you so much!

-Julian H., Reno, NV