Gary Occhino

#1 Bestselling Author

Mind-Technique Synergy Inventor

USA Junior Golf Team Coach

Gary Occhino coaches the USA Junior Golf Team, is a #1 Bestselling Author and is the leading authority on Mind-Technique Synergy (MTS). His students have used MTS to win hundreds of events at the national junior, state, collegiate and club levels.

MTS combines the newest golf techniques with specialized, proprietary mind skills. This unique synergy is what makes you a powerful, consistent, free golfer who shoots lower scores. Gary invented Mind Technique Synergy (MTS), because traditional golf lessons basically don’t work. He says, “Good people out there deserve the best, so I re-defined golf instruction into a progressive, modern style that yields tremendous results for you, the golfer.”

In 2013, Gary’s students in his Last Golf Lesson Ever coaching program dropped a whopping 30.2% from their handicaps. These results make the program America’s #1 Golf Coaching Program for amateurs.

Gary’s Last Golf Lesson Ever coaching program is available to you via events and private coaching. Space in the private program is very limited and you must be qualified into this elite program.
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Gary with the pros