1-1 Private MTS Coaching


ONLY FOUND HERE: Join the newest style of golf coaching
that’s used by the #1 PGA Tour golfer, Olympic gold medal
winner and yielded over a 30% drop in amateur handicaps!

Are you frustrated with inconsistency?
Sick of higher scores than you want?
Tired of losing to your friends and competition?


We understand your pain. We have Your solution!


We’re on a mission to help good people who’ve had enough of swing gadgets, buying new clubs and being led astray by industry shenanigans. Similarly, standing on the range and hitting golf balls with a swing coach is not your answer. Your mind gets filled with too many thoughts; you end up over-thinking and un-athletic which means bad scores, no fun and losing to your friends and competition. You’re a victim of bad and incomplete information.

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This has led to the birth and growth of Mind-Technique Synergy (MTS).

With MTS, your mind will clear and you’ll experience peak performance that sustains.

MTS will give you:
-Winning feelings

Each of our hundreds of success stories have embarked in a 3 to 12 month Mind-Technique Synergy (MTS) program.
This powerful program is called Your Last Golf Lesson Ever.


Your entire coaching process is customized to You, Your needs and Your goals.


What makes my 1-1 MTS Private Coaching the best amateur program?

In 2013, 2014 & 2015, amateur students dropped over 30% from their handicap. One student dropped a whopping 61% from his handicap. This happens because:


1) Your Swing and Your Mind are Trained Together

Golf is not only technique,nor, is golf only mental. Using your mind and body creates your magic. Have you ever played a few holes in a row, or maybe a whole nine holes when you know where the shot his going before you hit it and it just seems smooth, carefree and easy? This feeling is what Mind-technique Synergy is like. Instead of it being elusive and fleeting, it can be learned, felt and sustained. Mind-Technique Synergy (MTS) aligns your brain, emotions and body with each golf shot. This is how the leading PGA Tour players and greatest champions train. You will train and learn like these PGA champions.

FocusBand is an example of using MTS. FocusBand is a neuro-feedback, brain training device that combined with Gary’s coaching shows you personally how to get into your peak performance zone. You train your golf swing and practice with FocusBand and Gary’s coaching. This is how Jason Day ascended to #1 in the world and how Justin Rose won the gold medal at the 2016 Olympics. No, Jason Day is not visualizing his golf shot—that’s antiquated, incomplete and plain wrong—he is finding his optimal peak performance zone each shot. We call this your Simple Zone. Where you’re empowered, free, calm and ready for your best golf ever. This is Mind-Technique Synergy!

Please understand: There’s no such thing as muscle-memory. Conventional, repetition based training is old, incomplete and often times, detrimental to you. We will work on your swing and short game techniques. however, it’s useless without the correct type of MTS training. MTS will catalyze your learning, eliminate almost all of your frustration and give you the results you want (if you follow Gary’s coaching).
2) You will use our Proprietary, Unique MTS Learning Resources

The first step in your coaching is to discover your mindset
and your performance style.

You will use a special MTS questionnaire designed by Gary, and a special Peak Performance Assessment invented by “Secrets of Champions.” These proprietary resources are as seen in the PGA Tour, the 2008 winning USA Ryder Cup team that shellacked the Europeans at Valhalla and the NFL.

The next step is to evaluate your golf swing with Trackman, which is also used heavily on the PGA Tour.Why should we guess when we can evaluate and measure?

From these assessments, we will know exactly where to begin with your personal coaching and save months of time by avoiding guesswork. You will have a clear, precise strategy that allows for you and Gary to be efficient. Your exact needs will be addressed, not some cookie cutter approach or method that tries to fit everyone into a certain mold.

Additionally, you will use 3 other proprietary MTS learning resources invented by Gary:

  • The Simple Zone
  • The MTS On-Course Guide
  • The MTS Scorecard

Each of these 3 MTS items will be individualized to you and correspond with your performance style, golf swing and ability. They’re only found in Your Last Golf Lesson Ever 1-1 Private Coaching Program.

Approximately 10-15 minutes of your time should be allotted to taking these quick videos and sending them.
3) Gary coaches You on the golf course

A favorite element of students and an incredibly important, critical concept for your success. Learning on the course is another example of how training your mind and technique together is essential. Why spend hours at the range hitting ball after ball to the same target with the same club off a perfectly flat lie when golf on the course is completely different. When we play, each shot is a different: distance, direction, lie of the ball, and hazards all enter into the equation. Not to mention, there’s time in-between shots, energy changes and the critical need to learn what we call “intangibles,” which are all learned on the course. Examples of intangibles are: confidence, resilience, situational awareness, adapting your game to the environment, course management and strategy and a host of other elements that are best trained on the golf course in actual live, real situations. Oh, and one more thing that our students repeatedly cite: “On course learning is exciting and fun!”


Are you ideal for video conference MTS coaching?

Gary Occhino Golf coaches and consults with people
who desire and value the finest personal experience,
and will follow their personalized MTS program for extraordinary results.

-Jim Dunlop, Jr. VIP
All Access Student

“Gary is better than David Leadbetter.”

-Dr. Avram Cooperman,
Pompano, FL

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We only accept students who understand MTS is the answer
and this coaching process is unique and different.

Please do not apply if you are any of the following:

  • Overly-negative or whiny in attitude
  • Believe you’re a quick fix that only takes 10 minutes
  • Think it’s only your golf swing and nothing else
  • Cheap or only a price-shopper
  • Unable to honor your scheduled appointment time
  • Unable to meet with Gary for a half-day, full day or multi-day sessions

Please apply if you are all of the following:

  • Positive or neutral in attitude and mindset
  • Believe in a learning process over modest time
  • Agree you need MTS mind training and swing training together
  • Will invest in your golf and self development to get results that sustain
  • Plan well, prompt and hold your coaching in priority
  • Will make time to meet for half-day, full day or multi-day sessions


Professional Fees for 1-1 Private MTS coaching?

Every person and every program is different. There are a number of factors and variables that determine Your Last Golf Lesson Ever program.

The professional fee for Your Last Golf Lesson Ever program can range from 2500 USD to 37500 USD. If your finances don’t align with this range of professional fees, we suggest checking out our video conference program: https://www.garyocchinogolf.com/online-mts/.

Your Last Golf Lesson Ever 1-1 Private MTS program is built to suit your golf needs, desire to improve and time availability. We only accept the most motivated students who understand why our program yields huge results and who want the finest personal experience.


If you’re frustrated with your scores and tired of that losing feeling,
we would love to have you.

If you match the criteria above and are ready to be in Your Peak Performance Simple Zone, and sustain the wonderful feelings of winning, you may apply for 1-1 MTS Private Coaching by filling out this form: