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Dear Colleague,

It is a pleasure to provide you with the opportunity for partnership and an honor to serve you and your members or customers. We have an exciting new and unique program that has been extremely successful at guest facilities—the best part is you will receive money and other direct benefits while making you look great and making your members and customers ecstatic.

Warmest Regards,
Gary Occhino, PGA

Team USA Junior National Coach
Mind-Technique Synergy Inventor

Watch this video so you can see how partnering with Gary will give You $$$, even more future lessons and revenue & have your members or customers beaming with a smile and thanking You.


You and Your Facility Will Receive:

  • $500-$2000 for partnership with Gary

  • A guarantee You will look great for your members or customers

  • Respect and Praise from Your members or customers

  • A proven program that is partnering well at upscale facilities

  • Increased future lesson revenue for You

  • Opportunity to team-teach with Gary if desired

  • Students get a unique program that guarantees results

  • All marketing and pre-work done for You

  • Personalized Mind-Technique Synergy coaching resources

   As mentioned in the video, please enjoy Your copy of The Golf Professionals Success Principles. This book is authored by Gary and has received support from industry legends Bob Ford, Craig Harmon and Pete Bevacqua. red-arrow-large

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The Golf Professionals Success Principles

To ask questions or discuss details, contact Gary:

Toll free: (877)508-4625
Direct: (716) 310-6729

Only 4 bookings remain for 2015 (6 have been taken already)

Gary Occhino


Gary Occhino is a PGA Member, Team USA Junior National Coach and Inventor of Mind-Technique Synergy Golf Coaching. In 2013 and 2014 students dropped 30.2% from their handicap by using his unique coaching resources and customizable system.