Fix Your Hook in 10 Minutes, 100% Guaranteed!

Say Goodbye to Your Annoying Hook and Smile at Your Competition from Your New Spot in the Fairway and On the Green

#1 Bestselling Author and Samurai Golf Professional
Gary Occhino

Samurai Hook Fix is 10 minutes of video instruction that gives you:

  • The precise, correct reason you hook the golf ball and how to fix your hook
  • 3 easy pre-swing points to stop hooking and promote a straighter ball flight
  • 4 specific and simple anti-hook swing drills for your arms, hands and body
  • The “corridor drill” for the correct backswing position
  • Self-Empowerment, mental freedom and liberation from your annoying hook
  • The 3 key necessities to take your new swing from the range to the course