Solve Your Short Game in 30 Minutes, 100% Guaranteed!

Get Simple short game solutions that will remove your fear and give you confidence so you can take your short game from practice to the course immediately!


#1 Bestselling Author and Samurai Golf Professional
Gary Occhino

Samurai Short Game Solutions is 30 minutes of video instruction that gives you precise drills and techniques for chipping, pitching and sand:

  • The chipping technique seen on PGA Tour and precisely how to chip flawlessly.
  • The pitching “butt drill” based on reliable a science that works every time.
  • Sand swing that is guaranteed to be the simplest solution you’ve ever seen.
  • The “worm drill” for chipping that’s only found on this video!
  • The chipping and pitching myth that screws up 84% of you amateur golfers.
  • The 2 “must-haves” for short game success that nobody else shows you.

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