What Students are saying about “Gary Occhino Golf”

“On two holes today, I hit the longest drive I ever have using the swing we’ve been working on. Even though I’m 30 years older, I am surpassing my driving ability as a 27 year old youngster.
In addition, my score was my best of the year! By getting me to not think over the ball you’ve already made an impact on my score. I am excited and psyched!”
-Kurt Thomas, Colden, NY“I’m kicking’ everybody’s ass in town!”-John Musachia Crosby, TX“I am a 14 handicap golfer who subscribed to you 3 weeks ago, and through your teachings, today I played the best round of golf in my life! I cannot thank you enough.”-Colin White

“I’m on day 11 and, the improvements are revolutionary for me. I have so much more confidence. Your principles are a game changer! Thanks man!”-Omelihu Nwanguma, Last Golf Lesson Ever Student

For 10 years I’ve struggled with my short game and with your program I am actually good now. I shot 50 % lower scores! Thank you so much!-Julian H., Reno, NV

“Thank you!!! I had NO consistency and couldn’t figure how I got off track. Now I have consistency!!! I’m a zero handicap in just 2 months!!!!”-Dr. Steven Johnson, Atlanta, GA

“It far exceeded my expectations!”-Anna Hale, Gold Coaching Event Participant

“Your videos make more sense than any other person who is coaching out there.
Already seen an immediate lowering of my handicap!” -Richard Markowski, Glenmore Park, Australia

“I am a new man. Pars and bogeys are now my friends. You are my sensei.” -Tristan H., 2014 Gold event coaching student

“I know how to correct myself after a bad shot. Thanks so much for your patience for caring about my golf swing and succes.” Frank C., Loc Angeles, CA

“Gary is better than David Leadbetter.”-Dr. Ave Cooperman, Pompano, FL

“Your instructional videos are absolutely excellent!” –Ron Y., Long Island, NY

“I am so excited! I shot 13 strokes better after your Gold Coaching event. Thank You Gary.”-Marsha Jajkowski, 2014 Gold Level Student

“I’m KILLING my drives. Between that and your chipping instruction I’ve dropped almost 10 strokes! -Brian F, Williamsville, NY

“Gary’s system had me hitting the golf ball in a solid consistent manner, with much more confidence, in an amazingly short period of time.”-Phil Malnikof, Williamsville, NY

“Because of “Play Like the Pros, I spend less time and have extraordinary results.”-Ben Meyer, Wheaton, IL

“I have dropped 10 shots from my handicap and I am hitting the ball 15 yards longer.”-Brendan Cunningham, Hamburg, NY

“Gary is a leading US golf instructor and a master motivator.”-Ryan Jones, Geneva, Switzerland

“If you want to hit the ball further off the tee, hit more greens in regulation or have confidence, “Play Golf Like the Pros” is a must for you.”-Jack Berry, Cleveland, OH

“This works! A powerful tool to improve your golf game with direction to refined mindset.”-Judith Smith, Naples FL

The system in `Play Golf Like The Pros’ has improved my game, allowing me to lower my score and have more fun playing golf.”-Andrew Blinkoff, Snyder, NY

“I wholeheartedly agree with Gary’s integrated approach to using both physical and mental technique to up your game.”-Tina Dietz, Costa Rica

“Gary does a great job simplifying the complex game of golf.”-Jay Mepani, Alpharetta, GA

“I highly recommend to golfers at any level who want to improve their game. Helped my consistency.”-John C., Atlanta, GA

“This literally is a roadmap to getting better if you commit to it. If you golf, and are looking to improve, “Play Golf Like the Pros” is a MUST.”-Cathy Boltz, Longboat Key, FL

The MTS concept in “Play Golf Like the Pros” is something that every golfer should learn. The synergy between both the Mental and Physical aspect has immediately improved my game.”-Ryan Seufert

“Makes Golf Easy!”-Dan D., Louisville, KY

-Jesse Wild, Salt Lake City, Utah