Get Your Swing Power & Consistency
Shoot Lower Scores 100% Guaranteed!

Are you sick of inconsistency?
Are you tired of feeling powerless?
Are you frustrated by shooting higher scores than you should?

You are at the right place! At GaryOcchinoGolf, we guarantee your results with our coaching programs. You will shoot lower scores and get that winning feeling as long as you implement the your personalized program. You have the opportunity to utilize an outstanding practice facility at Orchard Park Country Club and the best launch monitor (Trackman).

In 2015 and 2016 students dropped over 30% from their handicap. These documented results are unmatched. We are proud of this distinction and credit 2 major reasons why this happens:

1) You will learn the whole game. Mind-Technique Synergy (MTS) is our secret sauce. MTS uniquely shows you how to combine your mindset with golf swing instruction. In short, you learn how to perform. Not only perform, but perform at your peak ability, and keep it going!

2) Customization for You. Nothing is cookie-cutter. All sessions and programs are constructed to your needs and goals. We communicate with you by asking questions and listening. We have a proprietary assessment tool and individualized learning resources that have been used on the PGA Tour and other professional sports.
Our whole process is about you, for you and will match you.

To apply for coaching, fill out the form below, or call Gary at 716-310-6729. Either Gary or his assistant, Kaleigh will return your inquiry within 48 hours.

Toll free: 716.310.6729 

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Gary Occhino
Team USA Coach
#1 Amateur Program in USA

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Gary Knows the Pros!

Gary & Tom Relf
Director of USA Junior National Team

Gary & Dr. Paul Schempp
Expert of Performance Coaching and Leatning
Coach to PGA, LPGA and European Pros

Gary & James Leitz
World renowned expert in
golf ball flight
Coach to PGA and LPGA Pros